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A blog, a truncation of weblog, is a discussion or informational website published on the Internet consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

While we are seeing droves of businesses, shops, offices, service providers and all kinds of outfits that once thrived in the marketplace with endless offerings, the same settings today may not likely hold water much longer. With brave visions from giant conglomerates like Facebook, branching towards the meta virtual reality world, the tell tale future of doing business the traditional way, is only bleak to say the least.

Traders have moved on to shop presence on the Internet. Book publishers are selling more PDFs than hard copies. And your nearby favorite takeaway have already started accepting Bitcoin other than real Dollars. These are just a few classic examples to show us how much more will happen and take place in just a few more years to come.

However, the increasing shift to the Internet bodes well for one group people; the online bloggers. Blogging activity started as creative methods of deploying a website to host records of text, images and videos, allowing the author to conveniently send updates to their site, without dabbling the technical jargon of a web server. What was once a platform for slightly longer than text messaging, or web logging, soon became a new English word called blog.

The original purpose of blogs soon evolved into a full fledged mega-industry, worthy to be in a class of its own by today’s standards. And private bloggers are still churning and typing away every day, publishing all kinds of read, discuss and comment articles for their visitors’ viewing pleasure worldwide.

The natural migration of serious advertising game players to the online sphere, gave a new found way for bloggers to monetize their intellectual assets, and in some cases, bloggers are known to have carved sustainable careers by blogging alone and doing nothing else. In Malaysia, one such person, the country’s top performing blogger in terms of traffic and popularity, is none other than Lim Hong Kiat, a time tested web-entrepreneur who runs the popular site with a domain name bearing his own name; . Lim Hong Kiat is undoubtedly the leader among the crowd of bloggers in Malaysia, with his blog being well-known and having a massive worldwide following as well.

Lim Hong Kiat (Image courtesy of

Other than online forums and free online tool sites, blogs are still by far, holders of the lion’s share of ads money on the Internet. Global ads network company Google Adsense, describe blogs as websites opposed to static sites with several pages of content that rarely changes. Blogs are sites where new content are added on a regular basis. The frequency can be anywhere from hourly to monthly. This depends on a variety of factors, including the number of contributors and the amount of time the owners and editors have to review and publish content on their blogs.

A blogger can be an individual who sets up a site to dish out information about his favorite hobbies, to serious content players like or, where these are blogs driven by enterprises, who hire professionals to write for them. Nevertheless, the Internet has leveled the playing field for all; you don’t even need to be flawless with English (or whatever language you choose to blog in), as long as you have your own niche and given decent time to grow your audience base, you will soon be able to shape something for yourself thereafter. As Ezoic themselves maintained, that content is still king. It still very much is today, despite blogging’s been around for more than a decade.

If you are planning to start out and give blogging a try, check out Google Adsense and their resource article “3 types of sites that have quality AdSense revenue”. Adsense will give you some ideas on how to get started and to tie in monetization with your writing efforts. Happy blogging.

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