About This Blog

Technology by JeromeTech is a new topical dimension of our services to the community, envisioned by our parent company Jerome Technology to serve you better. Technology trends is our core area of writing, however we also post about servers, computers, the Internet, science, blogging, social media, gadgets, software, hardware and more.

While we absolutely love hyperconvergence productivity software, we believe productivity in general, is quite broken in many parts of different communities. There’s just too many tools, too many things in entirely separate ecosystems. There has to be a better way to work – that’s why we created this web space, first an internal tool, now as a way to fulfill our vision of making the world around us more productive.

Our goal is to have all work live in Jerome Technology and in the things we do, thereby allowing people more room for productive habits and giving back as much of time to dedicate to other things in life. We’re just getting started, and are so grateful for all in our team that are in this together as one.

Information technology have since come a long way. What was once known as the world wide web is today more easily recognized as a giant, social network of global citizens. We therefore take the bull by its horns, and we strive to bring great technology to you together with this new space and platform, and with words and sentences, we explain them to you in languages understood by all.

Technology by JeromeTech is your new narrow gate to the information super highway of the world.

For products and services offered by Jerome Technology, kindly visit our parent website at https://www.jerometech.my .