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Ezoic is a technology or a system that helps informational sites improve usability and content discovery on site and income from advertising. Ezoic is a Google award-winning platform for publishers.

With the Internet, advertising has become an exciting avenue for technology developers and those seeking access to monetization of their channels. First and foremost, it is way easier to become a content publisher than it was one or two decades ago.

Gone by are the days where content monetization is limited only to those have ownership of printed or broadcasting channels. Today, anyone with a decent computer and a good Internet connectivity, can launch a career into content publishing.

Secondly, with some knowledge, gaining access to advertising dollars is merely a few clicks away. And you are up and ready to go, to earn income once you have the right assets and tools put together in place.

Today, we are going to focus our topic of discussion on a company called Ezoic Inc, an online advertising network outfit based in California, United States. In their website, Ezoic states that they are founded in 2010 as a technology solution for digital publishers looking to earn more revenue through websites. Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner and a trusted source for help with Google products like AdSense and Google Ad Manager. They are also a certified partner of Cloudflare, JW Player, and Flippa website exchange.

But it was not until the year 2020, that Ezoic became popular, after launching their signature “AI placeholders” feature, to allow artificial intelligence and software technology at deciding best practices in any given content platform.

Now, the big question; why Ezoic? What caught our attention with Ezoic is their unique approach in positioning themselves as the stand out ads channel in an already crowded market and garden variety of advertising/publishing houses worldwide. Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to correlate user experience (UX) with ad earnings and to strike good balance between ads pushing, visitor acceptance and thus maximizing profits for publishers and minimizing annoyance to web viewers.

And artificial intelligence is just one small cup in their big room filled with other goodies. Ezoic’s team also appears to possess deep technology knowledge and recognizing the important role of edge computing services in optimizing their ads delivery channel.

Similar to services like CloudFlare, Ezoic is also in itself, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) system. While a CDN does not host content and can’t replace the need for proper web hosting, a CDN does help cache content at the network edge, which improves website performance. Many websites struggle to have their performance needs met by traditional hosting services, which is why they opt for CDNs.

By deploying their own edge servers worldwide, publishers onboard Ezoic’s platform could harness and leverage the power of speed and bandwidth traffic coming and going out of their web servers through Ezoic’s CDN network. With cache servers at the edge, visitors no longer impose heavy loads on any one single web server belonging to an Ezoic publisher. The following diagram, explains in one image, how Ezoic’s edge network compliments their ad content delivery processes.

It is common knowledge that a website with healthy Internet traffic will slow down, and sometimes slowing down tremendously, once ad insertions are being pushed with content delivery. The limits ads will placed on content pages, causing them to load slower, is something technically unavoidable. Over time, ads network operators have been battling this limitation by tweaking and making their networks run faster. But Ezoic seems to have taken the major leap forward and moving away from the crowd of other ads agencies, by brilliantly fusing edge computing technology with their ads delivery services.

In short, with caching engines located at their edge servers, Ezoic brings the content of web publishers closer to the visitors or website readers. Thus a significant amount of time is cut off from the waiting and loading of web pages. By investing in edge computing networks, Ezoic took away critical time delays from one side of the content delivery process, to cover the inherent delays caused by ads content pushing that current technology could not alleviate completely.

Therefore, with Ezoic, user experience is improved with faster content loading speed, while traditional ads delivery remains on the equation, making this combination probably the most powerful intelligent ads delivery network that we have ever seen in our careers in IT.

In summary, Ezoic is simply a team of people with bag loads of great technology. If you are into content publishing and looking for a good ads network channel to monetize your efforts, take a look at what they do at Ezoic . This is one ads company that should not be off any content publishers’ selection shortlist.

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