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The global pandemic gave businesses much reason to go virtual as more marketing and sales activities will take place on social networks than ever before.

So you found out the hard truth that brick and mortar enterprises are not going to be sustainable any more. Shops are shutting doors everywhere and businesses, retailers and the marketplace are occupying more bits and bytes on the Internet to continue plying their trade.

Owning a website alone is insufficient. A company’s domain name today is capable of doing more than just becoming an avenue to display its physical address and contact numbers. A decade ago, online shopping started becoming a trend. Today, they have grown exponentially by leaps and bounds and giant warehouse-like traders are taking on veterans like Amazon and Ebay, after having sprouted. In Asia, we have Lazada and Shopee. And more elsewhere.

Once upon a time, business owners were comfortable conducting their trade on privately owned and thriving eCommerce websites, but are now facing stiff competition from these conglomerate platforms that have swept all kinds of goods and services together under their domain. They use superior software and edge computing technology to push smaller sites towards oblivion. The rule today is such that if you don’t join them, you won’t sell a thing. Hard to swallow, but that’s the plain truth.

Unless these modern mom and pop e-retailers change the way they present themselves on social media, turning obsolete is an almost certainty that shall soon come to past. And unless they pickup fast to understand the influence of edge computing and the dawning of 5G services, and what these new technology will do to make their small businesses become even more archaic, the end game is almost an undoubting reality for them.

One of the biggest method used by the big players to corner Internet traffic to their favor is with the use of effective search engine optimization techniques (SEO). This is the technology used by global search engines in ranking websites and domain names that are submitted to them for indexing. The more effective the SEO techniques deployed, the higher the rankings a site would be placed in any searching result. And big players spend big money annually to ensure they are at the top of search game to ensure they always stay ahead of their competition.

Now, regardless of whether your domain is big or small, an eCommerce retail site or merely an enterprise contact website, without SEO done properly, your efforts to remain in cyberspace would simply be a waste of time. Setting up a website is no longer as simple as hiring a designer to do a one off job for you, once every three years. Or if you are still thinking that your customers are going to obtain your website address from your printed name cards like in the good old days.

It is becoming more like owing a bookstore in a quiet neighborhood in cyberspace, and one day you find out that Barnes and Noble is setting up a chain store next to yours, selling exactly the same things you are selling. It is SEO or never.

And the quicker you figure out how SEO works, the better the survivability for your business.

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